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Virtual cards offer immeasurable benefits to both buyers and their suppliers. Reducing costs, saving time, and enhancing cash management, both parties can enjoy the peace of mind of a reliable, single-use credit card number.

Centered on convenience, Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments are renowned for
eliminating human error, reducing fees, and enhancing processing efficiency.


What is a Virtual Card?

Single-use credit card number

Generated for a specific transaction that becomes invalid after that transaction. The 16-digit card number is unique for each payment and is for single use only.

Exact amount of transaction

Virtual cards allow you to pre-set the actual payment dollar amount and tie that payment to the invoices you are paying you can’t be overcharged for unauthorized purchases

Cost Effective

Reduces paper checks, manual processing, errors, and fraud, saving you up to $10 per invoice

Unique card number

For every transaction makes reporting and reconciliation easier

Easily and fully integrated

With your ERP or accounting system

Why Pay Your Suppliers with a Virtual Card?

Benefits to Your Supplier

No more waiting for checks to clear or sending out time consuming invoices and waiting for payment.

Streamline Accounts Receivable process.

Reduce labor cost and effectively manage processing fees.

Save time and money – Vendors can spend their time more wisely once they start receiving virtual card payments. They no longer have to waste their employee’s time tracking down lost payments and can focus on running their business.

Remittance includes detailed transaction data with invoice numbers to make reconciliation easier. Unlike an ACH payment, they’ll have full visibility into the transaction details behind each deposit – making it  easy to reconcile their A/R.

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